I enjoyed my week in Atlanta while attending the TESOL 2019 conference, and I learned that Waffle House must serve something there it doesn’t serve anywhere else.

The headquarters of the Coca-Cola corporation is in this city. I’m not sure if that’s a highlight or a detriment to be honest, but TripAdvisor ranks it as the #2 thing to do while visiting Atlanta. The aquarium is ranked first, I imagine. Honestly, I don’t remember.

Anyway, I opted to skip the Coca-Cola museum and the aquarium, which struck me as potential cold and flu risks with all those school children running around.

Instead, I opted to go for a stroll through the downtown area and take in the architecture while burning off a few hundred calories.

This is the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Atlanta. The architecture is interesting, especially the vertex. The unfinished scaffolding at the top and the rust color impressed a gothic/industrial aesthetic on me. The apex glows like a torch at night.

The stone perimeter around this Methodist church reads “Since 1841.” It’s one of several beautiful churches on this street.

Do I have a Shakespeare theater in L.A.?

The Reuben sandwich from Kwan’s Deli and Korean Kitchen

While I know it’s possible to find a Reuben sandwich in L.A., it’s not easy, so being on the east coast, I determined before the trip I’d make a point to avail myself of the numerous delis available on this side of the country. This particular deli is a blend of a N.Y. deli and Korean fast food. The Reuben was excellent, nonetheless, and I liked that they served it with a side of pasta/vegetable salad, rather than some kind of fried potato.

Anyway, to wrap up, the poster presentation on using Microsoft Class Notebooks to administer dynamic written corrective feedback (DWCF), which I gave jointly with my friend and colleague Michael Garnett, went well. In fact, it went so well, we forgot to take pictures.

Oh, did I mention people in Atlanta really love Waffle House?

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