Los Angeles’s Cherry Blossoms

A nice write-up in the LA Times on the jacaranda trees that blossom along Del Mar boulevard in Pasadena. The trees are always a treat in the spring, and unlike the cherry blossoms for which Japan is famous, the jacaranda blossoms linger for several months. L.A.’s oldest jacarandas are 80 to 100 years old, and... Continue Reading →

The Alley of the Kiss

(El callejón del beso) The full moon bathed the auburn terra cotta shingles in its silvered light from her perch in the firmament. Below, the two young lovers stood on opposing balconies less than a foot apart over a narrow cobbled alley of a Spanish colonial mining town. Doña Carmen pushed him away, and Don... Continue Reading →

I'm trying out the Group Maker app this week to randomly select student groups. I used the Random Name Picker the last two semesters, but I decided to look for something with more features. I like that that the Group Maker lets me copy the group and paste it into my Microsoft Class Notebooks with... Continue Reading →

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