Looks like I'll be adding some additions to my Mexican handicraft collection after all this year.

Shift the onus to them

This is a great article on classroom management: Why shouldn’t students feel entitled? You’ve relieved them of responsibility. Think about it. You assess by legislative fiat, document attendance, lord over technology, interact with students 24-7 via email or text, keep students on track via Blackboard or Canvas, treat students as customers, are blamed for grade... Continue Reading →

Some people have bad hair days; I have bad technology days. This morning, the OneNote app on my phone stopped syncing with my work account (most likely due to the hyper-vigilant Internet security protocols at my workplace--a problem our IT department perennialy insists on deflecting to faculty). Otherwise, I'm still recuperating from TESOL proposals, which... Continue Reading →

Is anything more glorious than blossoming Jacaranda and roses bathed in the warm hues of magic hour?

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