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Summer 2019 – Week 7

Some people have bad hair days; I have bad technology days.

This morning, the OneNote app on my phone stopped syncing with my work account (most likely due to the hyper-vigilant Internet security protocols at my workplace–a problem our IT department perennialy insists on deflecting to faculty).

Otherwise, I’m still recuperating from TESOL proposals, which were due yesterday. As a result, I’m backed up on grading, but everything should be caught up this afternoon.

Lastly, summer seems to have foisted itself upon southern California without a passing nod to spring. In the span of a day, the temperature swung from shiver to swelter. The jacarandas hardly had time to bloom.

All in all, the summer is going well, nonetheless. The students are mostly diligent, and the office micro-dramas altogether forgettable.

Looking forward to Spain. 🇪🇸






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