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MEXTESOL 2019: Santiago de Querétaro, Estado de Querétaro, México

MEXTESOL marked my last conference of the 2019 calendar year. Somehow I pulled off three presentations of various mediums in the middle of the fall semester. I chose practical topics this time around–a demonstration on various styles of written corrective feedback, a poster session on computer assisted language teaching (CAPT) with MS Class Notebooks, and an e-session on setting up those MS Class Notebooks.

The facilities in Querétaro were excellent and the organizers welcoming. The conference center sat atop a bluff that overlooked the city.

Overall, the presentations satisfied my expectations. The demonstration on styles of corrective feedback drew the largest audience. The attendees participated and asked questions, so I hope my information provided my listeners something of substance.

Céntro Historico

I found the town grossly underrated. The Spanish colonial district exudes every bit of the charm as some of the more prominent Spanish-colonial tourist destinations. Furthermore, the prodigious size of the historical center affords an abundance of shopping and dining, with smaller crowds during the week. I stopped for some of the best chiles en nogada I’ve had at El Meson de Chucho El Roto in the Plaza de Armas.

If you want to bask in the Spanish-colonial ambiance, I recommend an evening visit when they illuminate the baroque churches and the cobblestone streets, filling the district with a warm Spanish charm.

A large stone aquaduct lends the city a unique landmark. It overlooks much of the downtown area starting from the precipice upon which sits the Céntro Historico. The aquaduct also benefits from luminescence after sunset.





2 responses to “MEXTESOL 2019: Santiago de Querétaro, Estado de Querétaro, México”

  1. Mike Laib Avatar

    Thank you Ezra for sharing your reflections on your visit to Querétaro. As your fellow traveler and MEXTESOL presenter. I too discovered that the city of Querétaro is terribly underrated. Having attended your Feedback Presentation, I feel that it was well prepared and filled with practical advise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ezra Vasquez Avatar

      Thanks for attending–and the feedback!


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