". . . the implicitly acquired epistemic contents of mind are always richer and more sophisticated than what can be explicated."Reber, A. S. (1989). Implicit learning and tacit knowledge. Journal of experimental psychology: General, 118(3), 219.

Wherefore Converse?

Preface I started this post a couple of months ago--before Covid-19 foisted itself upon the world. The point remains relevant, nonetheless--perhaps more so. On vacation last winter, I booked a tour from Sedona to Antelope Canyon. It was my first time traveling with a group of strangers in a small rental van, and I ended... Continue Reading →

The V of Cups

Today those from my past who are no longer with me occupied my thoughts. That, in tandem with the forces driving the global health crisis, has accentuated themes of life and death. That's probably why I woke up with Yeat's "Among School Children" stuck in my head. Yeats wrote the poem in his sixties, while... Continue Reading →

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