GURPS: Mastering Advantages & Disadvantages

The GURPS character creation process with its infinite possibilities can overwhelm new players, so I’ve compiled a list of strategies that have helped (or would have helped) me to acquire the system. Advantages & disadvantages raise the learning curve because each one introduces exceptions to the basic rules of the game. This can present a […]


Asimovian Diplomacy

The war in Europe — and specifically the tack the West has adopted to oppose it — reminds me of ideas I first encountered in the science fiction of Isaac Asimov. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how much influence Isaac Asimov’s writing had on me. After reading Asimov’s Foundation series in the fall […]

Journal Entries

End of Hiatus

I haven’t posted on this blog since 2020, shortly before the pandemic came. Nothing I wanted to talk about occurred for the year and a half of house arrest the Earth imposed on humanity. But the pandemic’s punctuated shift to my rearview mirror has rekindled my urge to communicate and share ideas.