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  • A remedy for annotating academic literature in Microsoft’s OneNote

    A remedy for annotating academic literature in Microsoft’s OneNote

    OneNote offers an ideal way to consume academic literature with its draw-on-screen feature. Nonetheless, people sometimes eschew the product due to problems that arise as a result of the way OneNote embeds PDFs into its pages, as images, rather than document pages. Problems occur when a touchscreen user inadvertently moves the page image. If annotations […]

  • Group selection apps

    I’m trying out the Group Maker app this week to randomly select student groups. I used the Random Name Picker the last two semesters, but I decided to look for something with more features. I like that that the Group Maker lets me copy the group and paste it into my Microsoft Class Notebooks with […]

  • Discussion Boards in the Higher-Ed TESOL Classroom

    Discussion Boards in the Higher-Ed TESOL Classroom

    … for the English-focused higher education classroom, discussion boards present a number of language-focused possibilities.

  • International Phonetic Alphabet on GBoard

    International Phonetic Alphabet on GBoard

    This should expedite transcription exercises in pronunciation lessons. Goodbye copy/paste online keyboards.

  • Email Etiquette

    Observing appropriate email etiquette is a perennial problem at the International Academy. Teach students to write effective emails with Grammarly’s post on best practices for writing effective emails: Every email has the same basic structure: Subject line, greeting, email body, and closing. But as with every written form of professional communication, there’s a right way […]

  • Microsoft Class Notebooks in the Communications Classroom

    Microsoft Class Notebooks in the Communications Classroom

    An early-view article in the TESOL Journal by Pamela Everly examines how Microsoft’s learning management platform the OneNote Class Notebook (ONCN) can facilitate speech activities in a listening/speaking or communication focused classroom. Pamela says the following: ONCN’s capacity for handling multiple data types, providing individualized content, and delivering multiple computer‐assisted pronunciation technologies on demand increased […]

  • Using the Translate Function in Google Sheets

    This could come in handy when you’re reading in an L2, and you need to look up a lot of words. You can check out Jake Miller’s original post here.

  • AI Language Partner for L2 Learners

    I didn’t make it to this session in Atlanta, but it intrigues, nonetheless. Alelo’s Enskill learning platform automatically evaluates learners’ communication skills and produces performance analytics. As learners engage in conversations with artificially intelligent avatars, Enskill continually monitors their performance and provides feedback to both teachers and learners. Via “Alelo Presents at TESOL Its Solutions […]