Engage Your Students’ Critical Thinking Faculties with the Trolley Problem

The trolley problem comes from the philosophical field of ethics, and it presents an excellent impetus for discussion in communication classes or topic for critical thinking in writing classes. Below are two short videos to get the lesson started. https://youtu.be/bOpf6KcWYyw https://youtu.be/yg16u_bzjPE via An Animated Introduction to the Famous Thought Experiment, the "Trolley Problem," Narrated by... Continue Reading →

Poetry Applications for TESOL

I attended the presentation The Uses of Poetry in the ESL Classroom: Ways to Integrate Poetry in a Reading Class on March 15th by Janusz Solarz of Indiana University at the TESOL 2019 International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Professor Solarz provided three capacities in which an educator might implement poetry in her English lessons. Introductions... Continue Reading →

TESOL 2019

I'm in Atlanta this week for the TESOL 2019 international convention. 🎡 Good morning #Atlanta! Looking forward to productive meetings throughout the day before our #TESOL19 Opening Keynote later today at 5:30 pm! #mytesol19 pic.twitter.com/2EOE9y7KT2 — TESOL 2019 (@TESOLConv) March 12, 2019 I arrived this afternoon, got registered, and attended the first keynote of the... Continue Reading →

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