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  • Duolingo Announces its French Podcast

    I love the Spanish language podcast, so this should be a welcome addition for French students.

  • International Phonetic Alphabet on GBoard

    International Phonetic Alphabet on GBoard

    This should expedite transcription exercises in pronunciation lessons. Goodbye copy/paste online keyboards.

  • What do you call someone who speaks only one language …?

    Europeans have a perception of people from the U.S. as monolinguals. You can add this to the list of things about which the United States should make you ashamed (as though the 45th were not enough). A popular stereotype of Americans traveling abroad is the tourist who is at a loss when it comes to […]

  • And thus begins year two …

  • Using the Translate Function in Google Sheets

    This could come in handy when you’re reading in an L2, and you need to look up a lot of words. You can check out Jake Miller’s original post here.

  • HBO’s Fantasmagorias

    HBO’s Fantasmagorias

    Anais’s recent post over at The Spanish Language Blog: The Creepiest Venezuelan Horror Folktales reminded me of the HBO Fantasmagorias series, to which she links at the bottom of her post. These episodes make great listening activities, as most of them run three to four minutes. They are all available on Hulu, but most can […]

  • AI Language Partner for L2 Learners

    I didn’t make it to this session in Atlanta, but it intrigues, nonetheless. Alelo’s Enskill learning platform automatically evaluates learners’ communication skills and produces performance analytics. As learners engage in conversations with artificially intelligent avatars, Enskill continually monitors their performance and provides feedback to both teachers and learners. Via “Alelo Presents at TESOL Its Solutions […]

  • Spanish Language Audiobooks

    Here is something of interest to Spanish language learners. Audible is launching a dedicated Spanish language website to serve the hispanic community: Audible Latino will be a dedicated destination, with exclusive content created for the platform. Christina Orlando, Book Riot, March, 11th, 2019 https://bookriot.com/2019/03/11/audible-launches-audible-latino/