Wherefore Converse?

Preface I started this post a couple of months ago--before Covid-19 foisted itself upon the world. The point remains relevant, nonetheless--perhaps more so. On vacation last winter, I booked a tour from Sedona to Antelope Canyon. It was my first time traveling with a group of strangers in a small rental van, and I ended... Continue Reading →

New Study Reveals How the Advent of Agriculture Even Changed the Way We Speak

Historical linguists don't often have reason to rejoice, but they might be excited about this. New research indicates farming exerted an influence on the speech sounds we make--specifically the /f/ and /v/ labiodental fricatives. https://youtu.be/SWceBh08pL8 The argument for the interdisciplinary approach scores another win. Here's the link to the paper published by the University of... Continue Reading →

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