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  • A remedy for annotating academic literature in Microsoft’s OneNote

    A remedy for annotating academic literature in Microsoft’s OneNote

    OneNote offers an ideal way to consume academic literature with its draw-on-screen feature. Nonetheless, people sometimes eschew the product due to problems that arise as a result of the way OneNote embeds PDFs into its pages, as images, rather than document pages. Problems occur when a touchscreen user inadvertently moves the page image. If annotations […]

  • Call for Proposals: Southeast Regional TESOL Conference 2019

    Sunshine State TESOL of Florida (SSTESOL), a state affiliate of TESOL International Association, is hosting the Southeast Regional TESOL Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida on November 5-9 at the DoubleTree by Hilton (across from the Universal Studios). […] The strands to which the proposals are being submitted are: K-12, adult education/ESL, EAP/IEP, teacher education, technology, […]

  • English Speaking and Presenting: How to stop using filler words like ‘um’ and ‘uh’ in your speech — BroadyELT

    Running through several practice runs is the best way to eliminate filler words from a presentation, but if you’re someone who suffers from severe performance anxiety, that might not be enough. This topic is relevant for almost all language users, especially when we present and speak in front of groups. […] My additional personal tip: […]

  • Stay Abreast of Latest Trends in Applied Linguistics with RSS

    I tell my students if they want to write research papers, they must consume the academic literature, and one way to go about it is by subscribing to the RSS feeds of the prominent journals. The RSS feeds will not deliver entire articles (one will need to access the journal through an academic institution to […]

  • Slides that are Note-Taking App Friendly

    The public speaking textbooks recommend presenters limit the number of slides to what’s necessary, and with the advent of smartphone scanner technology that’s more pertinent than ever. I just attended the TESOL 2019 International Conference and English Expo. Almost everyone was snapping photos and scanning the slides as they went by, myself included. What’s more, […]