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  • My First Weekend at Kansai Gaidai

    My First Weekend at Kansai Gaidai

    The New Life The weather cleared up today, and the forecast shows clear skies through Wednesday. Both moving days in Pasadena fell on cold, rainy days, and the weather in Hirakata was no different. I arrived Friday night, and tomorrow I will attend my first meeting. The campus is small but well-kept, and the apartment…

  • A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

    A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

    After eight and a half years, I taught my final day at the USC International Academy today. I am leaving USC to begin teaching at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan for the University of North Texas. Having come to the field of ESL later than many, I never experienced overseas teaching. Since I want…

  • Bottom of Week 1 – 2023

    Bottom of Week 1 – 2023

    The first week of 2023 has already passed, and the spring semester looms on the Monday horizon. I’m spending the weekend populating calendars and uploading syllabi. Conferences, curricula improvement, and major moves will make this a hectic semester. In the midst of it, I’ve resolved to blog more. This year I will incorporate more pragmatics…

  • Week 4 of Summer A – 2022

    Week 4 of Summer A – 2022

    The arrival of week 4 means I’ve surpassed the midpoint of summer A at school, and the jacaranda seem to have reached the zenith of their bloom. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has reappeared on the radar at work, so masks and periodic testing will remain in my life through the summer, it seems. This week, I finally…

  • End of Hiatus

    I haven’t posted on this blog since 2020, shortly before the pandemic came. Nothing I wanted to talk about occurred for the year and a half of house arrest the Earth imposed on humanity. But the pandemic’s punctuated shift to my rearview mirror has rekindled my urge to communicate and share ideas.